rink·y-dink/ˈriNGkē ˌdiNGk/

adjective: rinky-dink
old-fashioned, amateurish, Small-time.
“the fifty-third issue of the quarterly looked just as rinky-dink as the first”

RinkydinkMum strives to be an ad-free, listical-free and click-bait-free publishing blog where readers will find thoughtfully written pieces about motherhood, womanhood, and life-long learning. While it’s name suggests shoddy writing, the opposite is what we strive for at RinkyDinkMum. We are looking for quality well-considered content from a variety of perspectives. In 2020, the internet is full of emotionally-charged, quickly written, short articles. We at RinkyDinkMum want better for ourselves and our readers. We aim to be thoughtful, informed, humble, open-minded, and kind.

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life” – Charlotte Mason

“All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.” ― George Whitman

Underlying everything we publish is a value of self-education and the belief that we learn for life. Just because we become mothers and spend a bulk of our day does not mean we stop thinking, growing, learning for ourselves.

RinkyDinkMum strives to be ad-free. We do not want our readers having to scroll past ads every paragraph of a single sentence. Therefore, writing for RinkyDinkMum is unpaid at this time. With website growth, we will evaluate other ways to bring in income to financially compensate the hard work of our authors (Patreon membership, Conference, Quarterly subscription newsletter).

Interested in writing for RinkyDinkMum? Please send an email to Heather Dunphy at rinkydinkmum@gmail.com with your proposal or writing piece.

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