Mom uniform 

Before I had a baby, I never wore leggings outside of the house. Leggings as pants have been popular since I was in grad school 6-7 years ago, but I never adopted the trend until now. And now that I’ve experienced life in leggings, I hope they never go out of fashion or my mom-uniform is toast. 
You may be reading this thinking, “oh dear, Heather has let herself go”. Au contraire my friend, I have been liberated. And here’s why leggings are the perfect mom-staple. 

  1. Leggings can be worn 24 hours per day. You can go from bed, to pushing a stroller, to playing on the floor, to rocking a baby to sleep, to back to bed all in the same pair of bottoms. I don’t actually do this, I promise I change into a fresh pair every day, but the fact that you wouldn’t be able to tell my jammies from my day-wear is liberating. 
  2. Leggings fit. Post-baby, my pants are either too loose, too tight or too loose in the waist and too tight in the thighs. Leggings don’t give me the problem of my pants falling down off my butt just to be wedged above my knees. They just fit. 
  3. Leggings don’t require a belt. Have you ever tried to nurse/rock a baby comfortably wearing a belt? It’s not comfortable! Plus the belt digs into DK’s back, which annoys him, so I always end up taking it off and then I’m back to the waist gap tight thigh problem mentioned above. 
  4. Leggings make everything feel tighter. Post baby, everything is loose. Everything. Leggings hold it all in and make me feel less like I’m leaving wobbly bits of myself all over the place. 
  5. Black leggings hide all manner of stains. My kid throws food, spits up, drools and sneezes on me all day long. I could change every time, but I already do a ton of laundry. But in black leggings, the fact that my kid had carrots for lunch is un-noticeable. 

Hopefully someday, when I’m out of this mom-of-small-kids phase of my life, I’ll go back to being the “leggings aren’t pants” kind of girl. But for now, leggings are not just pants, they are a lifestyle. 

Author: rinkydinkmum

I am a new mom and Canadian expat living in Silicon Valley with my 6 month old son and my 36 year old husband. I've declared 2017 the year for learning and for adventure and for making my home just a little bit more whimsical.

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