Flea Market Style

In September I joined a moms group. One week we talked about mom fashion and finding our true style. I took a style quiz and it emerged that my style is classic with a little bit of whimsical. Yes, that sounds like me. I’d never in a million years wear a loud patterny bright shirt; I stick to basics in a striped or solid: navy, grey, black, burgundy, plum, cream, white. But look closely at my classic grey tee with navy cardigan and jeans and you will see that I am, in fact, wearing Lion King earrings. 

My home decor style is similar. I like to have a cozy home with classic patterns and colours (navy blue, cream, grey, burgundy) but with a little bit of whimsy in every room. I secretly/not-so-secretly love wandering through flea markets, consignment shops, antique malls and thrift stores for things for my home. I’m a sucker for a kitschy little trinkets to add some whimsy to my decor and I have to be careful not to accumulate too many or it stops being unique and starts being hoarder-style-weird. For examples, here are a few of my favourite pieces:

In our bathroom we have this frosted window that looks into the nursery. I’ve put this picture of these ladies frolicking on the beach, to go with our classic white monogrammed towels.
I love plaid. I love navy blue and beige. I also love this snail throw pillow I got online through Society 6.
My beloved cat, painted by my grandma in ceramics class in the 80s. As a little girl, I loved this cat so much that I asked my grandma to write my name on the bottom of it so I would get it when she dies. My grandma is still very much alive, but she sent me this cat a few years ago and I just love it.
On one side of my mantle, some classic black and white photographs (my husband and I, newly engaged; a candid photo of my other grandparents at their wedding), an owl figurine and two dancing figurines also painted by my grandmother, also given to me.
The other side of my mantle includes some family photos, some more owl figurines and some pear candles.
Imagine my delight when we moved into this house and haphazardly placed in the kitchen backsplash are these beautiful Redwoods tiles.
My favourite object is this little shrivelled pepper, carved out of wood and wearing a green dinner jacket. It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It made me laugh so hard, tears were streaming down my face while I stood in the aisle at my local Goodwill. I named him “My only friend” and he’s just the most hilarious trinket I’ve ever seen. I love him so much, I got him a pet whale bottle opener with the same facial expression.

My good friend Sarah likes refinishing furniture as a hobby and is always on the lookout for some new pieces to work on. We’ve been meaning to check out the San Jose flea market for a while now, and since I have my new goal of checking out a new place every week, I thought I’d see if she wanted to head there Sunday morning.

It was not what we were expecting at all. Mostly booths of new items, no antiques or furniture, and only a handful of used-treasure boutiques. I was expecting something like Calgary’s Crossroads flea market or Portobello road, but it reminded me more of the open air bazaars I saw in Guatemala. Definitely cool to visit, but I’m not really in the market for what was being sold. 

But we did check it out and had a great time doing so! Next we are going to head to Antiques Colony in San Jose to see if it’s more like what we had in mind. 

Hopefully we will find a true flea market to wander through in the Bay Area! I’m on the hunt for an interesting soap dispenser for my back bathroom.

Author: rinkydinkmum

I am a new mom and Canadian expat living in Silicon Valley with my 6 month old son and my 36 year old husband. I've declared 2017 the year for learning and for adventure and for making my home just a little bit more whimsical.

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