Things I don’t miss about Canada

 New year, new blog! 

We went home to Alberta, Canada for DK’s first Christmas. We were home for three weeks and it was wonderful to see family and friends, eat at favourite restaurants, and see familiar sights.

Beautiful but frigid prairies!
As much as I miss living in Alberta and I say that California’s lack of seasons makes it sub-par to Canada…now that I’ve done winter with a baby, I can honestly say I don’t want to move home until my kids are out of car seats. 
So for moments when I am so homesick it hurts, here is a list of things I don’t miss about Canada:

1. Worrying about road conditions 

Sure, in the Bay Area we plan our travel around rush hour traffic. But in Canada, you plan your travel around whether the highways will be closed due to blizzards, freezing rain, high winds, black ice…

Driving home from New Year’s Eve

2. Worrying about whether the baby is warm enough. 

I leave the house in California without checking the temperature outside. Sometimes this means my baby is a bit underdressed…but even underdressed DK is not going to die in 10 degree Celsius weather. Not the case in -20C. 

3. Pushing grocery carts across snowy parking lots. 

I hate hate hated doing this when I lived here. I still don’t understand why we don’t put bike tires on our shopping carts. It would make it so much easier. 

4. Pushing old-ass weathered broken rusty shopping carts through the grocery store. 

The wheels are ALWAYS jammed with mud and gravel and crap from pushing them around a snowy parking lot. 

5. Pushing a stroller through a snowy parking lot. 

6. Not having the leisure of changing DK’s diaper in the back hatch of the truck. 

Seriously, how do Canadian moms change diapers on the go?! There are hardly ever change tables where you need them and my fallback option of changing DK’s diaper in the back hatch of our Outback would probably be considered child abuse in the cold Canadian winter air. 

7.  Car seats in the winter. 

I would probably not leave my house for months at a time if I lived here over winter again with a kid in a car seat. You can’t put them in a warm snow suit in the car seat anymore because the straps can’t get tight enough. Getting DK out of the house, into the cold car seat without a snowsuit on him is

Miserable. He cries every time. 

8. Grocery prices

We are so lucky to live so close to where most of our food is grown. Buying groceries in Canada easily adds $50 to your bill, doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a day or a week’s worth of groceries. 

9.Plugging in the car. 

No, we don’t have an electric vehicle, but we still have to plug it in on frigid nights to keep the battery acid from freezing. One of the worst stomach sinking feelings is when you are cozy in bed and you realize, “damnit, it’s going down to -31C tonight? Gotta go outside and plug in the car.” Might be worse than when you’re just snuggling down in bed to go to sleep and the baby wakes up. Might be. 

10. Shoving baby hands into baby mitts.

Why is it that when a baby has your hair in its clutch, that fist is clenched so tight, but when you’re trying to shove their hands into a baby mitt, they spread their fingers as wide as possible so that their thumb just won’t go in without bending backwards?

So on a positive endnote, you know how they say from desperation comes innovation? Behold my greatest invention!

My friend Sophie made these booties for DK at my request

Crocheted booties with a soft string that attaches them together and goes up DK’s pant legs. Put the booties on, then the pants and voila! Booties that don’t fall off. I know, genius right? 

Author: rinkydinkmum

I am a new mom and Canadian expat living in Silicon Valley with my 6 month old son and my 36 year old husband. I've declared 2017 the year for learning and for adventure and for making my home just a little bit more whimsical.

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